March 1, 2018. Let’s Do This.

Thursday, March. 1
Today was the first day of this journey in golf improvement.  This post is going to be on the longer side since we’re just getting started.  I figure that the only way to know if I actually am improving is to show measured results.  I am the proud owner of a TrackMan launch monitor, so there’s no better way to determine where I’m currently at than to use the game’s greatest measuring device.

I should preface this by noting that I’m not coming off the same winter layoff that the majority of Ohio based golfers suffer.  I’ve been able to practice for a solid month already.  My home studio is nothing glamorous, but it’s sufficient to get the job done.  I hit 5 shots with each of my current irons.  TrackMan provides facts on 27 data points for every shot.  That’s overkill for what we’re doing today, so I’ll focus on the important stuff.

ClubCarry (yards)Club PathFace AngleSwing DirectionSpin Rate (Rpm)
3 Iron195.
4 Iron178.
5 Iron175.31.31.9-0.15765
6 Iron167.
7 Iron162.
8 Iron140.
9 Iron135.83.5-0.21.39453

What does all this mean?  I’ll do my best to summarize.  I think of it simply as evidence that I NEED to improve.

In general, I’m doing a fairly good job of managing the club through impact.  Ideally, I’d like to keep my Club Path and Face Angle numbers around +/- 1.5 degrees.  I know that I have a tendency to get my shorter clubs working a little inside my target line on the backswing and these often result in excessive right directed Club Paths.  I need to work harder on creating a wider takeaway to achieve better lead arm depth at the top of the swing.

One thing that immediately caught my eye is the unequal yardage gap between my 9-8-7 irons.  Clearly, the 8 iron is barely traveling farther than my 9 iron and not even close to the 7 iron.   Upon closer review of each individual shot, I did a terrible job managing the club face in this group and the results are showing poor swings.  The five swings were an ugly combination of really open club faces mixed with a smother draw.  I’m making a note of this and will monitor it going forward.

Also, I was pretty wild left and right with the 4 iron.  I’m leaving the club face open and swinging it to the right.  Not a good combination.

My plan for tomorrow is to work more closely with the 7-8-9 irons to determine exactly what is going on with the gapping.  I feel confident that today’s results were the product of bad swings, but at least for now, I have a focus point.