March 2, 2018.

Whew! What a day.  I’ll save you from all the details, but I waited way too long to put my work in today.  Starting to practice at 10PM is not recommended.  That noted, it was an effective practice.

Yesterday’s findings of a bad gapping with the 8 iron have been determined inconclusive.  After 40 shots with only the 8 iron, I averaged 141.8 yards of carry.  I think I’m on the trail of what the cause might be.  I suspect that my ball position tends to drift too far forward in my stance and also that I tend to stand too far away from the golf ball with this particular club.  This is certainly something to look at through the bag.  My spin rates were particularly high on a majority of these shots.  That would explain some of the shorter distance.  Also, I’m probably not hitting the middle of the club face often.

More tomorrow.