March 3, 2018

Feeling a bit tired today.  I need to get my practice time in earlier.  Evening practice is not working out like I had hoped.

I’m still curious about the 8 iron gap.  Today’s practice was only with this club.  I hit around 25 practice balls and then set up a TrackMan test for yardages between 145 and 155 yards.  This is the desired area that I’d like this club to fly.

My average carry distance is improving, but it is still not where I want to be.  The average for 30 shots was 142.6 yards.  I’m beginning to suspect that there may be a difference in lie angle with this one club.  Almost all (26 of 30) shots missed right of the target, despite a very good club path and swing direction.  Swing speed is consistently within 1 mph of variation.  The face angle is slightly open (1.5*) and that is different from most of the clubs in my bag.  I tend to be slightly closed with everything else.  I suspect the lie angle is a bit flat and I’m dragging the toe at impact.

As I mentioned yesterday, ball position is definitely an issue.  I’m surely playing the ball too far forward.  Probably doing this through the bag, too.  I’ll need to remember to grab my practice sticks from my office and start being more diligent.

I haven’t mentioned that I’ve been very conscious of working on my body pivot.  I’m trying to locate and leave my arms higher in the backswing and make a better turn toward the target on the downswing.  Pivot is improving.  I’ll post some videos to illustrate that.  As a result of the better pivot, I need to do a better job of leading the handle through impact.  I suspect I’m adding a bit of loft unconsciously to help my body clear.

More tomorrow.