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What Might Happen If I Practiced Every Day?

My name is Matt Rura.  I’m the PGA Head Professional here at Tamer Win Golf & Country Club.  I’ve been throwing around this idea about what might happen if I devoted a piece of every day to improve my golf game.  I’m already a good player.  Heck, I’ve been a professional close to 20 years.  I’ve posted a good amount of 18 hole rounds in the 60’s.  I’ve even played with PGA Tour players for money!  But I’ve always wondered, “How good can I be?”  Could I drive the ball even farther?  Can I hit 18 greens in regulation in one round?  Can I play four rounds in a row without a three putt?  Is it possible to reach my lifelong goal of owning the course record?  Could I actually qualify for the US Open?  These are the questions that have been keeping me awake at night.

I’ve decided to keep a daily log of my journey and I’d like to invite you along for the ride.  I’ll be posting my progress with data to back it up.  I’ll share games, drills, scorecards, and other events along the way.

Now this seems like an innocent enough endeavor.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, I have a full time duty to serve our great guests, provide instruction for others, be a contributing husband and family man, help parent my two children under four years old, play guitar in an amazing rock band (check us out on Facebook #AndersonAve), practice for said rock band, play with the greatest Italian Greyhound ever, and try to remember to eat and sleep.  So, this could get interesting.

Here are the ground rules: (I’m making this up as I go, so we might add some later.)

  1. NO COMPLAINING!!!  This is most important rule for improvement and I must thank my friend and former trainer K.M. for this.  These are amazing words to live by.
  2. Some form of training, practice, or activity must occur each day related to golf improvement.  For example, hitting practice balls, working on putting, playing golf, weight training and stretching, speed training, fitting out equipment, measurement, mental study, etc.
  3. The daily activity must last at least 15 minutes to qualify.  Dropping a few balls on the putting green and calling it a day doesn’t cut it.
  4. In the event I survive this crazy idea, a cool prize will be awarded to me, for me, by me. (Probably some awesome music gear, but I’m taking suggestions too.)

Right now I’m gathering my supplies, making plans and working up my nerves.  The journey kicks off March 1, 2018 and lasts until the first snowfall at the end of the 2018 golf season.  So, I guess after all that, let’s get better every day.  READY?  SET.  GO!